Our Origins

The founders of Polymedes recognized the need for a highly specialized treatment center in Switzerland to address the growing demand of pain management as a separate and necessary link in the treatment and diagnosis of chronic pain.

Christopher Zurschmiede has built up Polymedes pain centers with the help of talented partners and great enthusiasm.

In much of the world pain medicine is a relatively new specialty. Twenty years ago the topic of acute and chronic pain in the medical profession got little to no attention. The quality of the care was substandard and correspondingly under investigated. The common viewpoint was that in most cases chronic pain was mostly psychosomatic. Today, the situation has greatly improved through the use of highly diagnostic techniques as well as research however, for some doctors there is still a tendency to prematurely diagnose patients suffering from chronic pain as psychosomatic.

As anesthetists who deal with the treatment of postoperative pain on a daily basis, we have become increasingly astute in diagnosing and treating chronic pain. We have maintained and built close relationships to colleagues from abroad, who are and have been pioneers in this field, and we continue to stay abreast to latest trainings and techniques in the field.