Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Call our office to make an appointment or send us a message via the contact form – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to cancel your appointment please call our office 24 hours in advance. There is an office fee for short-term cancellations or in the event of non-attendance.

For acute pain of any kind, your home or emergency physician is your first contact person. They will initiate the first measures. However, if your symptoms persist unchanged for more than two to three weeks despite treatment, you should arrange an appointment yourself for a second opinion.

Patients who are insured in the family doctor’s model need a referral by their responsible general practitioner. Patients with free doctor’s choice can also register themselves.

In general, we prefer a referral by the family doctor or another specialist.

We advise that you bring all reports and recordings (MRI / X-ray) from any previous consultations you’ve had pertaining or relevant to the current issue in which you are seeking treatment.

In the event that you are referred, the assigner will submit the relevant documents.

Our services are compulsory within Switzerland with only a few exceptions. Certain preparations and individual therapy procedures are not compulsory and are not covered by the health insurance companies.

We advise patients outside of Switzerland to contact their insurance company to find out if their medical plan covers treatment abroad.